Monday, August 6, 2012

Manic Monday

Zumba this morning. The kids did "mini Olympics" while in childcare. They played ping pong, tennis, had races, and played basketball. They were all excited.

The Bestie's kids are on their way over for a sleepover. All three of them. Seven kids for the next 24 hours. Yeah man.

Our fall Monday schedule should be less Manic, since dance class for One has moved to Wednesday this year. That actually works splendidly for me since our parks and rec dept never schedules games for Wednesday nights. This means there won't be any conflict in Two and Three's sports schedules and One's dancing. Yay! I'm already feeling more relaxed.

One and Two want to give up doing 4H. I forced them into it this year hoping they would learn to like it enough to learn the parliamentary processes and other great skills that come from 4H. I'm bummed that neither of them are into it. I've decided to let them quit. But they have to replace this activity with something else. One has decided she will join bowling league, which is just sort of a cop out. She doesn't like bowling any more than she likes 4H. Two will probably take guitar lessons. She's wanted to for awhile, and she owns two guitars and can sort of play already.

Off to enjoy the last few moments of quiet I'm going to get for the rest of today...

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