Tuesday, October 9, 2012


So, I didn't post at all last week, but my week was crazy.  Crazy for me is a level beyond insane for most, because well, crazy is just the norm here.  :)

The week prior you all helped me reach my goal of 100 views, actually surpassing it by 9!  109 visits.  SWEET.  Thank you to all of you who read, and shared, and pimped me out.  :)  And, then, I promptly left you hanging.  My bad.

I typed out a super long post with pictures on Sunday-entitled "A week in a day" as it included notes about Manic Monday, some links for Two for Tuesday, a wordy bit about life, a fantastic recipe for Skinny Housewife, Flashback Friday, a note about our amazing Saturday, and a ton of pics for Snapshot Sunday.  And, my phone promptly ate it.

I tried again yesterday morning, to at least get the pictures up, and type out a note about Monday but it was extra Manic and I just didn't get it done.

I'm going to try again because as I type my kids are occupying themselves.  Woot.

Last weeks recap begins-NOW.

Four was very into working on his knife skills.  Here he is cutting his bread.

Three building a spontaneous letter K with plastic knives.

On Tuesday, I had a date with my biggest girl.  Ok, so it was a dr. appt, but we went alone and made a target trip, a starbucks stop, a visit with one of my dear old friends, and had lunch out.  A date that does make.

Reason #1 you should stop buying toys for your kids.  My kids LOVE a box.

Reason #2 you should stop buying toys for your kids:  During our Target trip, I bought a new laundry sorter. The boys wanted the old one, so we let them have it.  It's been an endless number of things, but this was my personal favorite.  They converted it to an ambulance.

Reason #3 you should stop buying toys for your kids:  We had several overcast, rainy days last week and I made this race track/airport with painters tape.

Kindergarten Co-Op has been focusing on senses.  This week was sight.  They put on eye patches and tried tossing a bean bag to a friend with and without it.  Here is Three in his eye patch.  And, it looks like the teacher is poking him in it, points for the photobomb.

The park where co-op was this week was AWESOME.  Right on a lake, with this little beach area.  Here is an example of teamwork, Two and Three pulling a root from the sand.

Saturday we attended a local festival with bounce houses, pony rides, music, etc.  Here are Three and Four climbing.

After the festival, we attended a Pig Pickin'  (a decidedly southern thing) and enjoyed live bluegrass music, a yummy potluck meal, and a bonfire as well as just good times with friends.  Here are One and Two engaging in some sidewalk art.

(These are out of order.)  After co-op on Friday, we went to the airport because my boys are ALWAYS asking to go, and co-op was at a park less than a mile from the airport (which is a 45 minute drive for us.)  Here is Four ready for take off on the runway's and Three watching the construction AND an airplane taxiing down the runway.

Back to the Pig Pickin':  There was some serious cornhole.

This one is just funny.  :)

Yesterday was Manic Monday and it was more manic than normal.  One and Two only have 2 pairs of jeans  between them, and the weather has been chilly!  So, after our regular Monday of pottery class and bowling league, I left Three and Four with a friend and took the girls shopping.  We left the house at 9am, and aside from coming home for a half hour, we weren't HOME until 8pm.  It made for a long day, but the girls now do have 5 pairs of jeans total, plus a hoodie, another long sleeved shirt, and a pair of pj pants.  

Now, Two for Tuesday links:

As we are having a rainy fall so far, and I know some of my friends out west have had some snow already, I created a board on Pinterest full of ideas for "Less than Stellar Weather"

Some more fun fall ideas:  50 Fun fall activities

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