Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sideways Saturday

Today, I had the day off.  WAHOO for my husband being home!

I've spent almost the entire day in bed.  One thing I did accomplish?  I made a running playlist for the days I run alone.  Most days I run with a partner, and we chit chat.  Once or twice a week though, I run alone.  Now, I scoured google, and Pinterest.  I looked at what they had to offer, and it occurs to me that playlists are very personal.  It's about what motivates YOU, what gets YOU moving, what gets YOUR blood pumping.  Reading other people's lists did get my wheels turning.

I opened the music on my phone (which is my constant running partner, as I use the C25K app to train.)  I created a new playlist called "Runnin' Dirty,"  which is appropriate considering it is my team's name for the mud run I'm doing in March.  *big smile*  I scrolled slowly through my music, and I added all the things I know will work for me.  Then I downloaded the things that other people's playlists had put into my head.  Here is my list, as of now, it will change, I'm sure.  But for now, this is it!

Caught Up-Usher
Follow Me-Uncle Kracker
Hey Hey-Superchick
Work Out-J Cole
Your Love Is My Drug-Ke$ha (but really, anything by her would work, this is just prob my fav)
Like It's Her Birthday-Good Charlotte
One More Night-Maroon 5
Not Afraid-Eminem
One More-Superchick
Out of My Head-Lupe Fiasco
Birthday Cake Dance Remix-Rihanna
We R Who We R-Ke$ha
Whistle-Flo Rida
Yeah-Usher, Lil' John and Ludacris
Raise Your Glass-P!nk
Candy Shop-50 Cent
Gold Digger-Kanye West
Finally Found You-Enrique Iglesias
Fastest Girl In Town-Miranda Lambert
Til the World Ends-Britney Spears
Kerosene-Miranda Lambert
Settle Down-No Doubt
Sweet Escape-No Doubt
Everybody Talks-Neon Trees
Undo It-Carrie Underwood

It's so's perfect!

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