Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

Today's post has nothing to do with homeschooling, or children.  It has to do with me.  Just me.  Not mommy.  Not wifey.  Just Shauna.

Two years ago I stumbled upon a list on someone's blog.  It was entitled 101 Things in 1001 Days.  I googled, and found that it's an actual thing:  Day Zero Project

I began about making my list.  I'm 250 days away from the completion of my project.  For the record, my list still isn't even up to 101 things, so I need to add some silly little things.  I mostly concentrated on BIG things I wanted to tackle (like putting my feet in TWO oceans, and traveling to another country) in the beginning.  Then I added things that would push me out of my comfort zone (like wearing a skirt or dress OUT five different times, and eating at 10 new restaurants.)  I'm only up to 79 goals.  I've completed only 17 things from my list.  I have until my 37th birthday to complete my goal.  I really want to make it.

This project is about expanding myself.  Big and small.  When I complete this 101 things, I intend to make a new list because I like the idea of always having things to accomplish and push myself towards.

I encourage you to do something like this.  Maybe it's not 101 things, maybe it's 10.  Maybe it's not 1001 days, maybe it's 100.  Maybe it's 1 thing, in the next 10 days!  Whatever it is, set some goals for YOU.

You.  Not your children.  Not your husband.  YOU.  You do remember YOU, right?  Sometimes as moms we lose ourselves to our children, and our marriage, and the business of our days.  Find you again.  I promise, you will not regret it.  Making yourself a priority is not something that should make you feel guilty.  It will make you a better YOU, and THAT is beneficial to your children.

Do you.

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