Thursday, March 5, 2015

Skinny Housewife

If you've read here before, you know I'm big into training FOR things.  It helps motivate me and keeps me going.  Currently, I'm training for a Spartan Race series (3 races this year, Spartan Trifecta is calling my name.)  Plus, it gets me through the ENTIRE year, because there are races in April, August, and November.  

In order to build up my upper body strength-I have kick ass legs from Zumba and running-I've started a program on  I'm only in week 4, but I can see differences in my body already that are making me SUPER happy, and motivated.  I didn't set my alarm to go to the gym this morning (which I usually do) because I was SUPER exhausted yesterday, and honestly fell asleep at 8:30.  The Punk asked if I was going to the gym today (because today we don't have anything else going on, which means I COULD go at a time other than ass-crack-of-dawn...) and I said "I don't know....we'll see how sore I am, and how energized I feel once I get moving."  I just wasn't feeling it.  I'm not sleepy tired, but I'm PMS tired.  I'm sore, in every muscle group (except abs...and it's ab day...)  

Then, I rolled out of bed and went to the bathroom.  I started looking in the mirror.  I decided that my abs look better than they've ever looked.  I mean...I had 4 babies, all over 8 1/2 lbs.  My stomach is never going to be perfect, and I'm cool with that.  But, I am definitely seeing progress.  Then I turned to the side and noticed my butt (which is seriously my best ASSet) looks better too.   Perkier.  Tighter.  And, I can SEE my quads and hamstrings when I'm wearing work out gear (spandex pants, anyone??)   Ok, ok....I'm going to the gym.  

It's hard to lay out of the workout, after noticing results.  

This LiveFit with Jamie Eason  12 week program is what I am currently using.  When it's done, I'll move to the "fat burner" program most likely.  However, they have LOTS of options, and I may poke around a little more before I commit.  I may move to a "build strength" program that is tougher than this one.  If you go to the main site, choose training, find a takes you through some choices for what you are looking for.  I'm really enjoying the LiveFit, and I think it's been good for a beginner.  I have previously never lifted weights (I mean, I've done Bikini Body Mommy with 10 lb dumbells, and I teach a senior class where we use dumbells...but nothing more than that.)  I was pleasantly surprised at how much I can actually lift.  I also really like that Jamie Eason doesn't look "bulky," she just looks extremely toned.  That's what I'm looking to accomplish.  

Go check out the site!  

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