Friday, March 6, 2015

Flashback Friday

Wordy Wednesday: Do you.   I think this was the FIRST "do you" posts I penned.  It still holds true, and I am currently starting another Day Zero Project.  I logged in, and was able to cross 20 things off that list (which I had actually forgotten all about!) and was happy to see that even without looking at the list, I was still moving forward and accomplishing things that I wanted to do.

"My Ladies.." (which is what I call my senior citizen fitness class gals) mentioned that I'm always doing new 'crazy' stuff.  They meant CrossFit, Aerial Bootcamp, Mud Runs...etc, and I told them that I LOVE doing new things, trying new things, pushing myself and growing.  It's something I never want to stop.

So, now I'm off to create a new list.  *it will include some of the non-crossed off things on my original list, as some of them I'm still very interested in doing.

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