Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday Snapshots

Two after 5 minutes of trying to nail a double under. 

When one screen isn't enough....Three playing Minecraft on Xbox, and watching a minecraft video on YouTube. 

I successfully dyed my hair purple. 

Park play between co-op and TKD this week. 

Practicing TKD forms at the park. 

He was giving me directions for my workout. A crossfit board designed by my 5 yr old. It went like this: 
Run, box jumps on that ledge, 8 lunges, run back, 8 lunges. 
Run, box jumps, 7 lunges, run back, 7 lunges. 
Run, box jumps, 6 lunges, run back, 6 lunges. 

He clearly has a future. 

Hangman with these crazies. 

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