Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Lazy/Skinny Housewife


I made this earlier this week. It was good by all reports that count. One is vegetarian, this dish contains meat so she doesn't get a vote. Three is the pickiest eater of the bunch, so I honestly never count his opinion.  He will tell me he doesn't like something after he's cleared his plate the last three times I've served it. 

We won't be clamoring for it, it's not a "Cutthroat chicken."  But the next time I find a good price on chorizo (this batch was clearanced!) I would make it again. I would make ONE change next time. I would cook the rice with chicken broth to add an extra layer of flavor. 

I made one change in the preparation of the dish. I had a crazy busy day the day I made the dish so I made the rice in the rice cooker head of time. Then just added it in at the end. On a side note:  if I had cooked it at the time, by the directions, the tomato juices may have added a little kick to the rice. However, had I not made the rice ahead of time, I'd have been screwed out of my own dinner because it wouldn't have been finished in the 10 minute window I had to get it finished before I had to dash out the door!  The Punk could have taken over and finished it for the fam, but I'd have missed out. 

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