Monday, February 1, 2016

Manic Monday: Long time no see!

Jesus, Mary and life exploded. It's a good explosion, but still. I thought life was busy before....ahahahhahahahaha ha.

Brief synopsis:  

I got a second job. 5 days a week. 4 days a week it's 4 hours starting at the crack of dawn. Then, one weekend day I work a full 8 hour shift.  (more about the job on another day)

Two started playing basketball. She's on the JV team, and they are having a GREAT season.

One and I are planning a trip to Cali. My 40th, her 18th, and her completing high school all occur within a short span so we are doing it up big. She and I will spend 4 days in Southern California to celebrate. 

I plan on doing 6 Spartan races this year, including one of the toughest courses in this country. Yay?  I'm excited. And also terrified. 

I'm going to attempt to blog more often, I have so much I want to share!  More recipes, health tips, homeschooling stuff, Spartan stuff, parenting stuff, and life stuff.  Let's do this!!
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