Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Two for Tuesday

*Disclaimer:  I'm posting from my phone, and I didn't proofread or spellcheck. I am not responsible for autocorrect or simple mistypes. Ok, technically, I am, but get over it.  The app doesn't offer spellcheck. And I'm stupid busy. And tired. *


First thing I want to share is this cheap DIY valentines decor. I spent $3 at dollar general. I had a sheet of white card stock, and a frame I found while cleaning out my closet last weekend. So the $3 for lipstick was all I needed. Score!!

Second, is an app. In today's technological world, THIS app keeps me from tumbling into a pit of chaos. No joke.  A good friend shared it with me, and I've shared it with other friends. It's a game changer for us "list makers."  

wunderlist is available on both android and apple platforms. You can SHARE the list, one of my favorite features. I have a "grocery list" and if The Punk texts me on the way home from work to ask if we need something from the store, I can just share the list. I usually have my phone within reach, so whenever I finish off sown thing in the kitchen--"that's the last of the bbq sauce"--I can add it right then. I have a list of the weekly dinners, because I plan and then by Tuesday I don't recall what it was I had planned. True story. I have a list for everyday of the week, also. 

There is a screen cap of Tuesday's list. It is longer than the screen cap shows but you get the idea of what's there. I get off work at 10 on Wednesday morning, home around 10:20, and we need to be out the door by 10:30. With at least 3 kids in tow. And we don't get back home until 3:45, and I have to turn right around and take Two to practice. So, you see "prep crock pot dinner" because my family finds having dinner on Wednesday a necessity. Divas. You also see "co-op items" and "ghees" in the car. The boys have co-op and taekwondo on Wednesday so we make sure their uniform and backpacks are in the car on Tuesday to cut down on stress (for all of us.). Also, Wednesday lunch needs to be prepped.  If you could click on school, you would see the sublist of Tuesday school things. We don't get every subject everyday. And it helps me remember and make sure that we are covering ALL those bases to have each day lists out. Lastly, there are cleaning things, because I can't keep my head straight anymore!  
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