Friday, March 2, 2012

Flashback Friday

Not a lot to flash back on....we haven't done much school. But, this has been far and beyond the worst week I can remember.

Some serious shit hit the fan on Sunday night. Turning Manic Monday into more than it's usual chaos as I was running on almost no sleep. I got the kids to art, and did my Zumba class (because I needed an hour where I didn't need to think of my own stuff) but then I started to fall apart from either the stress of the last few days or lack of sleep. Probably both. I hit my BFF's house for awhile, but when Four started to melt down, I was ill equipped to parent through it and just gave up and came home. When I got home, I was metaphorically punched in the gut with MORE bad news. At some point I realized that the date was 2/27, and this date holds some serious history for my BFF and I. And, now apparently it was my turn. I decided to nap. Yes, I met all this turmoil with sleep. Judge all you want.

I slept an hour, got up, helped put my boys to bed, and returned to slumber. I only read one chapter in The Hunger Games...just so you know where I was. I reflected on how much worse things COULD be...but decided I would wave my universal white flag anyway.

Tuesday, we actually did school. But it was mostly discussion (reviewing letters on the wall) and workbooks so I don't have any pictures to post.

Wednesday, BFF had some stuff to handle so her kiddo's were here with me. Making for 7. At least for awhile there were 7. One left about noon to hang out with a friend, and spend the night. Two left with BFF and her kids to spend the night with her.

Thursday, I desperately tried to catch up on some housework as over the course of the last 7 days I've been falling further and further behind. I've returned to making lists, so as to try to get things done again!

And, then today...I hope to do some school with the boys. Maybe some sort of craft and a do-a-dot letter I printed sometime last week.
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