Friday, March 16, 2012

Flashback Friday

Last week, our 4H Leader brought in a big box. She explained to me that her kids had outgrown all of these, but she had made them and she couldn't just toss before she tried to find somwhere else to donate them, did I want them??? An entire box of file folder games....YES please!!! Three was very excited about it as well. He's played several of the games this week.

Co-op was about rainbows this week, here is the awesome craft Three and Four made. It was 1/2 a paper plate and streamers and glue. So simple, fun and cute to display. Our hostess did an awesome job she even taught the kids the signs for all the colors. Very cool.

We worked on letter review, and I'm so excited to report that Three knows all but 4 letters of the alphabet now. This is impressive as just a few weeks ago he only knew MAYBE half. He was just unmotivated to learn them, and knowing that all children are so different (his oldest sister was reading before her 3rd birthday-actually, at about the age Four is now, and his other sister didn't do it until 7ish) I just didn't push it. His motivation? Four. Four knows half the letters already. He's just very interested, and this has motivated Three to learn them, because well, he can't be outdone by baby brother. *wink* Sometime peer pressure can be positive!

Today we did fingerprint shamrocks (green ink pad, and fingers are your only necessary supplies.) Yesterday we talked about clover, while lying in a nice patch of it. Three tried his best to find one with four leaves, without success. It occurred to me while Four was lying in the clover, that he might be allergic (because he is allergic to almost all of the outdoors.)

We've been outside a lot as the weather here has been SO gorgeous all week!

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