Friday, March 16, 2012

Sunday Snapshots

Our Leprechaun trap. It didn't work. Those sneaky little creatures!! They did wrap garland around all our kitchen chairs, left sparkles all over the window sill, turned one of the chairs upside down on top of the table, and turned the toilet water green! Also in exchange for our gold coins, he left us candy and sidewalk chalk (because Four can't partake of the candy, with all his allergies.)

A hideout made from the couch cushions.

Fingerprint clover.

Lying in a patch of real clover (right after I snapped this I wondered if he was allergic...lluckily there was no reaction!)

See what I can do? Arm in a cast does not slow down a 5 yr old. This is the 2nd 5 yr old I've had with a broken arm--ok, technically Two was only 4 1/2 but close enough--and it really doesn't limit their activities. The only thing we've had to limit is playgrounds with sand. Sand inside the cast doesn't sound like fun. Oh, wait, the neighbors set up a sprinkler on Friday (our temp was 85!) and we did not let Three play in it. Mostly though, that was because it was Friday and *if* it did get wet there was no easy way to get it re-wrapped until Monday.

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