Monday, September 10, 2012

Manic Monday

Back to our normal routine we go!

I had originally planned to start our new school year on the 27th of August, as that's when the public schools here go back.  That didn't happen.

Then, I planned to start today-because I was planning on skipping a session of my beloved Zumba in an effort to save some money-but then my husband said I should go ahead and take Zumba because I love it, and there have been real changes in my body since I started it 9 months ago.  So, school will officially start it's new year TOMORROW!

This week works really well for starting because both the boys co-ops start this week, AND bowling league started today.  As all the regular activities resume, we'll start school too.

Zumba this morning, bowling league this afternoon, the park in are exhausted.  I'm exhausted.  Is it bedtime yet?  Oh, wait....both boys sheets were wet so I have to remake the beds before bedtime.  Ugh.

We did the park in between for TWO reasons:

1.  We live 30 minutes from the community center where I take Zumba, and the bowling alley is right around the corner from it.

2.  It was GORGEOUS here today!  High of 75, nice breeze, blue sky....ahhhh..

Off to make beds...

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