Friday, January 25, 2013

Flashback Friday

Surprisingly productive week.  Considering.

Monday, Tuesday-stomach bug.... absolutely nothing was done.

Wednesday-we got a lot of school done, and skipped our regular activities because of the bug.  I also mostly restored my house.

Thursday-up most of the night with Four (who got the stomach bug.)  Semi-productive day.  Kids all did school.

Today--there was some sleet ice this morning, so we played out in it (since it's supposed to change over to rain for our area, and we weren't supposed to see any REAL snow...lemonade from lemons ya know?)  We came in and had an amazing lunch (tomato bisque with grilled cheese croutons.)  Fitting for a super cold, wet day.  The kids called a snow day...and have been playing board games with the neighbor kids for the last 2 hours.  I made a batch of "erupting snow" in the tub for the was not a huge hit.  Four hated the texture, and Three kept insisting it made him "itchy."  Really??  What about baking soda is itchy??  And, it's the same shaving cream they play with in the tub on a regular I'm sure that wasn't it.  Three did still play with it for awhile.  And, I love the consistency of it myself.  It really had a 'snowy' feel to it.

 The above is probably my favorite picture from our time outside this morning.  It so accurately portrays our family.  Three is about to dive on Two (who is on the ground) who is trying to drag One down (that's her leg you see.)  Meanwhile, our dog is jumping around and barking.  My normal insanity.  Captured in one shot.

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