Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wordy Wednesday

New Year.  Resolutions?  Do you have them?

This year I'm trying not to make them...but you know, they creep in anyway.

My #1 goal is just to continue the fitness lifestyle I've developed this year.  This shouldn't be hard, since it's a habit now, and really is my LIFESTYLE.

In conjunction with goal #1, I want to drink 16 ounces of water at the START of every day.  BEFORE anything else enters my body, I want to give it water.

I want to run 500 miles this year.

I want to establish some better routines with my boys.

I want to unplug my children.  Some.  I don't plan to do anything drastic to achieve this goal.  I just hope to pull them away from screens, it seems we are ALWAYS plugged in to something.

I want to be off my computer by 8am.  This is really the only way my day runs well.  Otherwise, I lose most of the morning to the machine.  Not that I won't check it periodically, not that I won't play a game in the middle of the day, or post to Facebook.  I just want to really truly start my day by 8am.

I want to keep up with the routines that keep my household running smoothly because we are all happier people when that happens.

I want to LOVE the time with my kids.  Having two teenage girls puts into perspective how quickly it goes by, and I want to appreciate the time that my boys are little AND enjoy my girls as teenagers (and let's face it, that ain't easy-have you met teenagers, like ever?  Yeah.  They're a real gem.)

I want a job-teaching Zumba.  I am a licensed instructor.  I've led some, subbed some.  But I want MINE.

I want to cut our food budget and get us all on a cleaner eating style.  Four's diet is VERY clean because of his allergies.  I've been slipping with my other kids though.  And, I can see Two suffering in her schoolwork.  She has ADHD and it has been largely under control because of dietary alterations we made long ago.  Over the last 6 months or so, I've been very lax about what I let her/them eat.  It's showing.  It's also showing in Three's skin.  He has food related eczema (he calls them "Candy Spots" because they occur mostly when he eats candy or has soda...I think it's dye related mostly.)  I want to do better by them.

There are more things that have crossed my mind...but none of them are coming to me now that I got to sit down to type.
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