Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lazy Housewife

A while back I pinned something that I thought The Punk (my husband) would love.  He (and One) loves Mexican food  and I am not a fan.  This translates to:  we don't have anything more than taco's very often.  However,  this recipe even looked good to me!

Mexican Stuffed Shells

For the recipe, since we are trying to eat better, more wholesome and made from scratch items I made the taco sauce myself.  It was simple, and quick.  I made it using tomato sauce that I made myself a couple weeks back.

I always use this Taco Seasoning, so I already had it on hand.

This got rave reviews from everyone, and since I made it mostly from scratch I was even able to serve it to Four.  One of my goals in this "eating cleaner" effort is to make a greater percentage of meals that we can ALL eat.  Since, because of his allergies, Four is FORCED to eat very cleanly.

It will definitely get added to our regular rotation.


In addition to sharing some great recipes, I'm going to share a new addition to my workout routine:

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