Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sideways Saturday

Good morning!!

I'm headed to a 2 hour Zumba Party, followed by a horribly bad for me but oh so yummy breakfast/lunch at Ihop with a friend (she is joining me for the party.)  I'm being honest....I only workout, so that I can eat.  I LOVE food.  I can't diet, I'm horrible at it.  I just do my best to eat clean things (except for when I go out-then all bets are off.  I'm not one of those people that can go out and order a salad or some plain grilled chicken.  Nah, that ain't me.)  Then, I work my buns off with Zumba and running to offset my caloric intake.

Then, I have a couple house projects I'd like to get done today.


Phabulous Photo Phrame


Holiday Centerpiece  (I don't see it as a "holiday" centerpiece, I think it makes a beautiful WINTER piece though.)

I'll add pictures this afternoon, hopefully.  I have everything I need for the Phrame, but I have to go out into the woods and look for the branches.  It's been wet here, so I may have to postpone for a few days depending on the condition of the woods by my house.

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