Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wordy Wednesday

Two's first basketball game.  She scored 6 points, in her second game she scored 10 points (I missed this one....they always seem to do outstanding when I'm not there to watch!)

At Kindergarten Co-op making an AMAZING model of the Earth.  I'm going to give you the instructions for these at the end of the pictures (because I didn't get around to doing Snapshot Sunday.)

Three showing off his Earth model.

They were "camping" in the hallway.

This is Four (on the far left) and two other little boys at his very first Art Class.  He was so excited!  I framed his work when he got home.

This was a glue together snowman.  When asked why he put the hat on the middle of the snowman's face, Four told me "It's a zombie snowman."  Win, my kids are SO WIN!!!

Three went to storytime last week with our wonderful neighbor.  They did this great "It's All About Me" poster.  Three added two kids to our family-when questioned one was The Bestie's son, and the other is my five year old nephew.

For Preschool Co-op we visited the Fire Station.  Here are Three and Four with the mask that the fireman wear.

Here is Four doing a game where I put a "number flag" on the pipe cleaner and he had to put on the correct number of beads.  

Three doing the same game (with higher numbers.)

Another fire station pic.

Ok, so the Earth models.  I highly recommend doing this activity.  The kids all loved it!  We did a different color for the inner core, the outer core, the mantle, and the crust.  The kids rolled the inner core color into a tight ball, then covered it with the outer core color.  Then covered that with the mantle, and lastly added the crust.  If you look at Three's picture, you can see his crust is "bumpy" like continents.  After the model magic has gotten VERY dry you can slice it open and be able to see ALL the layers!  What a cool demo for the layers of the Earth?  Am I right?  Yes, I am.  

We have had a rough week.  Three had a stomach bug and threw up all day Monday.  He didn't want me more than a few inches from him at ALL times, so, you guessed it...I woke up yesterday with the same bug.  Yippee.  The silver lining?  It was a fast bug.  Only about 12 hours of misery for Three, and even a little less for me (because I just chose not to eat all day...he kept begging for food and drink.)  My morning was filled with wiping down every surface with a Clorox wipe, and spraying all soft surfaces with Lysol.  Actually, the last three mornings have been like that!  Trying to keep the other 4 people in our household from having to suffer this ick.  

Today has been phenomenal though.  I woke up feeling 100% better.  No one else woke up feeling sick.  We've gotten almost three full days of school done this morning.  I'm about to run an errand and get the stuff to make the boys some "cloud dough" since they want to pretend it's a desert.  It's cheaper than buying a bag of sand, and I can store it in a bin I already have after they play.  It's a good inside sensory thing for a FRIGID day like today!

Recipe for "cloud dough:"  8 parts flour to 1 part baby oil.  It's great!  Seriously!

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