Friday, February 22, 2013

Flashback Friday

This has felt like such a LONG week.  The Punk has been out of town, and the boys, One, and myself have been battling a cold.  This combo is really not great.

Monday:  I called a sick day.

Tuesday:  We didn't do much.  I ran errands in the morning, and took my nephew to the DMV in the afternoon.  I felt better but still not 100%.

Wednesday:  We skipped preschool co-op because the boys were up a lot in the night coughing.  We also skipped Three's art class.  However, we got a TON of work done at home that day.  It was like we hadn't taken the prior two days off at all.  I love it when that happens.  We are learning about President's Day this week, following up on George Washington stuff we learned at Kindergarten Co-Op last week, and adding in information about Abraham Lincoln.  I cut out a silhouette of Washington and the boys added white cotton balls for his puffy white hair.  We also made a hat and beard like Lincoln's.  It was pretty fun!  Three's writing assignment was to tell me what he would do "If I was president..."

Three has a cookbook that he's been dying to try a recipe for chocolate covered banana's from.  I remembered to get chocolate chips while I was doing errands on Tuesday so we were able to make them.  He was very excited, but didn't like the end result.  Ahhh, well.  Lesson learned, and I got some chocolate covered strawberries out of the deal.

Thursday:  Again, a fantastic school day.  We continued reading these books:

I tried THREE times to get this picture turned the right way.  I am unwilling to give it any more of my time.  moving on.

Friday:   Today we're going to talk about President's pets.  I will show the boys the current white house pet, we will read a book we have called President Adam's Alligator.  Then we will do some of the things on this site (the voting, the writing assignment...)  Chalk Talk: A Kindergarten Blog

At Co-Op today we will start learning about the Constitution.  Next weeks lessons will cover that subject at home as well.  We'll be using some things I found here:  Constitution Day Kindergarten Activities   We'll also learn about some of the symbols of America (the Statue of Liberty, the Bald Eagle, the Liberty Bell, the Flag,  the National Anthem, and the Pledge of Allegiance.)  For kid sized snippets about these things, I recommend here:  Ben's Guide to the US Government for Kids!

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