Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Two for Tuesday

Linkie Doo's!

Here is a post about morning routine and daily chores:  Back to Basics: Morning

I just recently made chore cards for my 6 yr old (non-reader,) you might have seen them posted in a Snapshot Sunday post a couple weeks back.  He ASKED for a chore card, because his sisters have them.  His have things like:  feed the dog, put away laundry (his and his brothers,) unload dishwasher, clean windows, take out trash/recycling, set the table...there are 5 items each day, 4 days a week (none of the kids have chores on Monday as we are out of the house most of the day.)  I laminated them and he uses a dry erase marker to check them off as he goes.  He is very excited about this process, so I figure I'll run with it!

Since three of my kids are currently taking art, I've been trying to incorporate more art at home.

Taking Lines for a Walk
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