Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sideways Saturday

My project for today was to untangle my necklaces.  I had a massive tangle of necklaces.  I love them all, and was upset that they were tangled and last night when I was trying to get dressed to go out on a date with The Punk, I had to untangle something to put on.  That's just not cool.  So, I decided today to fix them.

After spending about a half hour working on detangling my necklaces, I went to pinterest to search for a better way to store them.  Because as I was putting them back in the jewelry box that I have kept them in, I could just SEE them getting tangled again.  GRRRRR.

I found this really great list of options:  11DIY Necklace Storage Ideas

Now, I really love the frame one, and may do that in the near future.  However, I needed something immediate.  I chose the hanger one.  I have to say it turned out just nifty, and I made it in UNDER the amount of time I spent detangling the necklaces to begin with.  I didn't have any pretty fabric just lying around, because I don't sew.  So, I used a T-shirt from one of the boys, that had a rip in it.  It worked just fine to be cut into strips and layered around the hanger.  Now, I'm going to make a 2nd one.  I'll be hanging them on the wall in my closet, and it looks CUTE with them being hangers.

Lovin' it.

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