Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

Today's post is going to be about quiet time activities.  I've been scouring the net, and Pinterest, for ideas on things to set out for quiet time.

This is one of my FAV's:

Preschool Activity Trays:  I will def be adding scissors skills pages, and folding the wash cloths/dish towels to our quiet time, as well as patterning and sink/float.

Some scissors skills printables:

Another activity I found via pinterest was to use a small felt board and have different face pieces.  You could set it up as 'free play' or have cards with different emotions on them and have the child make a face to show that emotion.  I need some other colors of felt to make this happen (I only have red, black and white.)

Rockabye Butterfly Montessori Trays has a baster idea that I'm going to use as well!  I also like the beads tray she did, and might replicate that one too.  Who knows!

The Princess and the Tot has some cute ideas as well as an ingenious storage solution.  I've been struggling with how to store the activities, and keep them all centralized, and out of the reach of small hands during non-quiet times (so they have more desire DURING quiet time) and VOILA!

Fine Motor Activities has a lot of activities that easily make quiet time activities.  Hole punching, using tweezers to transfer, adding stickers to outlines (DUH, why haven't I thought of that one??) weaving with pipe cleaners.  Lots and LOTS of great stuff!

I'm trying to come up with more and more ideas so that they aren't doing the same stuff very often, it keeps it fresh for them, which makes the activities more fun and more likely to make quiet time a success!

Remember to share my blog with your friends, help me reach my goal!  I'm pimping myself out too.

(You should know that I typed this on Tuesday, because I knew Wednesday would be a busy day for us...twice yesterday I thought-"Oh, I need to publish today's blog post."  I can even do that from my phone..and I STILL forgot to get it done.  *SMH*  So, you get TWO today!)

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