Sunday, July 25, 2010

Big Kid Stuff!

A lot of my posts lately have been about what I'm doing with my preschooler, and I'm leaving out the big kid stuff. I think this is mostly because I like posts with pictures, and well, I'm not so sure those of you who read this blog are interested in seeing pictures of my big kids sitting there with their books, or with the computer, and working. Basically, middle school projects are much less exciting than crafts. :) (My girls would agree.)

So, I thought I would write a "boring" picture-less post about what the big kids are doing.

They are studying the Civil War and the making of a constitutional government. One is studying the civil war, and Two is studying the constitution and how it came to be. They recently watched Glory (they watched together even though it really wasn't what Two was studying.) And, both were quite moved. I did preface the film with it being about WAR, and how war is hell and they needed to be prepared for all the violence and the misery that they were going to see. They handled in stride, and I think got a lot out of it, or at least as much as they can at 5th and 6th grade levels. I look forward to watching it again a few years from now, when they can take even more from it. It feels wrong to say it is one of my favorite movies, so I will say it is one of the most moving films I've ever watched. It moved me to tears again this time, and I've seen it several times.

As I am planning this week, One will be beginning a Civil War lapbook. I am printing and cutting and prepping today and tomorrow (we have 2 Monday's a month where we don't school, this will be one of them.) We won't be doing ALL of the booklets shown there, I am picking and choosing the ones that go with what is in the books we have. One loves a word search, so I found this. We live in NC, and have a major battlefield near us, so we plan to visit there during this unit as well (pictures to come!!)

Two will be doing a Constitution Webquest as a wrap up of the constitution unit, before we move on to the next part of our study.
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