Thursday, July 22, 2010

Will it ever end?

Ohhh, will it ever end!! We've been TRYING to finish up this school year. We missed a lot at the beginning of the year, and therefore, we are behind. I was HOPING we'd be done by August but, we're no where near close to being finished. UGH.

Now, I'm trying to change my plans. I'm hoping now that we'll be done by the end of August and can take 6 weeks off. We are going on a vacation (without kids!) and we'll begin our new school year after that.

What's on tap??

Well, we'll be doing the next level of "What Your ___ grader Needs to Know." We are going to do Spanish (WE you hear me??) We'll be doing 4H, which focuses on life skills. The girls will be doing bowling league, Two joined a competitive soccer team, and One will take dance and is interested in drama classes. I'm hoping to find a class for Three and Four as well. We'll see. We will be doing library story time when it starts back up in August, and I'm hoping to start MOPS too.
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