Monday, July 12, 2010


I've been MIA because we've been in the throws of softball tournament! Two made the All-Star team for our local parks and rec, and had practice 4 days a week. They ended up taking 2nd in the division, which isn't bad, but I totally think they could have won. It was a hard loss for all the girls (and their parents lol.) Our coaches were awesome (2 of them were our reg season coaches, for the last 2 years) and there are few things in life that I enjoy more than watching a ball game. :)

One and Two had a special afternoon with grandma, the 3 of them went to see Eclipse.

I've started taking some vitamins, which are helping with my energy--which I need!

I've also been wrapping up the preparations for the big consignment sale here. It happens twice a year, and this time of year it is Fall/Winter stuff. I've been tagging One and Two's outgrown winter clothes. I've discovered One and Two have NO pants for this that is what I'll hopefully find a ton of in their size at the sale. I've also been tagging all our baby things (bouncy seat, play mat, etc.) I have to admit this makes me a LITTLE sad. Consigning things allows me to shop a day early, and then I'll go on the last day as well, because it is 1/2 off day. :)

A moment on being done with babies....this makes me a LITTLE sad. Only a little, because while I will never hold an infant of my own again, I know all the fun that NOT having a baby in the house offers too. All the freedom that comes with not having to live around a sleep schedule. So, I look forward to the fun, freedom in the future, and a take a pause to feel the sorrow of having had my very last baby.

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