Friday, July 16, 2010

Camp and File Folder Games

Two went to "Zoo Camp" this week. It is a farm that has lots of interesting animals. Two's current aspiration is to be a vetranarian for a zoo, and this is her 3rd summer attending this camp. She also volunteer's with them throughout the year.

Two and Three checking out the lemurs.

Tree porcupine. (I love this shot!)
A close up of one of the lemurs. Isn't he sitting AWESOME??

Two and Three.

File Folder games....I had forgotten all about them! How??? LOL I was blog surfing and found this site: I printed some new stuff, and am about to cut them out tonight. These shots are games that I've had since One and Two were preschoolers, and I dug them out for Three. He really enjoyed them.

And this has nothing to do with anything, except the pure joy of a lollipop. :) I found some organic lolli's that actually don't have anything that Four is allergic to in them! Woot. Here he is having his first licks of a lolli.

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