Friday, July 23, 2010

Our Week in Review

For fine motor skills, we worked on beading. I put some beads on a pipe cleaner, put a knot in both ends, and then gave Three and handful of beads (making sure all the colors were represented) and a pipe cleaner piece with only one knot. He then had to duplicate the first pipe cleaner. Later we will work on patterns with this activity.

This is the original one I gave him.

We have been working on letter C this week, and we used Coconut Candies (M&M's) for this activity. I dumped out the package, and put out the bowls, then Three had to sort them by color. There were only 2 green ones in this package, which presented a great opportunity to discuss which had the least, and which had the most (since the difference was easy to spot.) After sorting, and our discussion, I laid out 6 on the table in a line and he counted them, and then his FAVORITE part, he got to eat them. :) As soon as I said "Let's do school." today, he said "Let's do the M&A's!!!!" (you know what he meant!) I had a 2nd package, so we did. :)

C is also for Colors! We did a mixing colors experiment as well this week. I put a glob of blue, yellow and red paint on a paper plate. Then I asked Three to put some of the red in between the red and the yellow, then asked what he thought would happen if he added some yellow. After his guess (which I think was purple,) he mixed some yellow to the red to make orange. We then repeated with red/blue, and yellow/blue. He was still talking about this yesterday, when I gave him some green paint for a candle craft and he remembered mixing yellow and blue together to make green. He also very proudly showed it to a neighbor when they came over to play.

After all the mixing, he painted a very colorful picture, which when finished he titled "Red moon, Blue star." I somehow didn't get a picture of the finished product (but here you can see the beginnings of the red moon) but it is on my fridge, I'll try to snap a shot of it before it goes to Grandma (because EVERYTHING goes to Grandma....*eye roll*)
This is a Candle Craft (see the C theme?)
Finished product, served as our centerpiece...for an "mock" candle light dinner.

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