Friday, July 2, 2010

More Baby Birds

These are ONE day old baby Mockingbirds. You can see there are still 2 eggs to hatch. This was 2 days ago, and one more egg has hatched since then.

Here are the baby Barn Swallows. You can see all 5 little heads in this one! They were very ominous looking perched up there above us looking down, but cute at the same time. This picture was taken on the 17th, which is exactly 2 weeks after their hatch date.

This was taken on the 20th, and they were capable of flying. They hopped around in our front bushes for a few hours, but then we could see them flying in and out.

This is a shot of 4 of the babies, the 5th one was over in the corner and I couldn't get it in the shot!

I *think* House Sparrows may be laying a 3rd set of eggs in our bluebird box as well! It's been a great year for birds here!

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