Tuesday, September 11, 2012

First Day of School!

Today was our official first day of our new school year, although we didn't really take a summer break.

Here are Three and Four.  Three is holding "Skunkers."  Skunkers is my birth-board's version of Flat Stanley.  He's been all over, and visited many really cool places!  Now he's with us for awhile, and then we will send him on to someone else.  It is oddly fitting that the only pic I had of Four is blurry.

Story time:  He chose two books, this one is The Jungle Book (notice Skunkers was enjoying the story too?)

Here are One and Two.
Here are Three and Four cutting out pictures to put in an "About Me" collage of things they like.  
This is the science experiment card for this week.  This works right into the curriculum I'm using for Three (Learn at Home Grade 1...which I used as a Kindergarten curriculum for the girls as well.)  The first week of science is based on the five senses.  The cards are something I've had for years....there are 52 very cool experiments mostly using stuff you'd already have around the house.

Overall, school was a big success.  The girls watched a video on 9/11, and will be working on a writing project about it for the rest of the week.  Three did all of the work listed in his book, PLUS Explore The Code book A and the collage project.  The only school Four did was the collage project, even though I have printed some other stuff that I hope we'll get to this week.

Tomorrow is the first day of our Preschool Co-op for this year.  It's a police station tour, I think I might be as excited as the boys.  Honestly.

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