Friday, September 28, 2012

Flashback Friday

Monday:  was manic.  As always.

Tuesday:  Three attended story time with a neighbor and spent MOST of the day playing with them.  We did some of his school work, but not a lot, which wasn't great since we don't school on Monday's and his curriculum is outlined for all 5 days.

Wednesday:  Preschool co-op.  They talked about Food, and where it comes from, the different food groups, what food does for our bodies and what the kids favorite's were.  They didn't have a great attention span, and for once it wasn't JUST mine.  The group brought some donations to be sent to a platoon stationed overseas.  And, the kids made cute cards to send along with the package.  We did school at 7pm, and it was actually SUPER.  I was expecting it to be...not so good since it was late and I know Three was tired, but he did really well.  Four also did several workbook pages.

Thursday:  School.  Lots of it.  We had a lot to catch up on since we didn't school Monday, didn't finish everything from Tuesday OR Wednesday.  But, amazingly, Three finished almost everything that was assigned and we are mostly caught up.  There are only two "extra" assignments to add to normal Friday.  He also finally decided he liked school!  HOORAY!!

Friday:  School.  As I type:  One, Three and Four are playing Yahtzee! at the dining room table.  *smile*  Three doesn't want to start his work, and I keep giving him extensions because he's playing pretty successfully on his own (which he's REALLY not good at.)  We have Kindergarten Co-Op this afternoon and our subject for this month is Five Senses.  Today we're taking a hike around the mill and I am super excited.  I love the mill, I love to take the kids hiking, and we've never hiked this trail!

Tomorrow:  We are participating in the Food Allergy and Anaphalactic Networks awareness walk.  My child has several food allergies, as does one of Three's BEST friends so it's a cause near and dear to my heart.

I've begun training for a Mud Run by running with The Boo Boo (a good friend.)  Yesterday, Two joined us and then Three also joined us for one lap (on his bike.)  I ran/walked the equivalent of a 5k, and I'm proud of myself.

Oh, I'm at 90 hits this week!  Keep pimping me out, please!  Email the link to people, share it on your FB page, +1 me on Google!  I'm so close to my goal.  Yay!
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