Friday, April 26, 2013

Flashback Friday: Over the Shoulder Glance at our week.

Monday:  Manic.  That is all.

Tuesday:  This is our normal "free" day, and I spent a decent chunk of it ALONE with my mama.  My children always act like it is treasonous for me to spend time alone with "Grandma."  They always seem to forget that she was MINE first, and they should thank their lucky stars that I share her with them.  We sat and talked for nearly 4 hours.  It was pretty heavenly.

Wednesday:  The Punk took the kids out of the house, and they were gone for 5 hours.  What did I do with that time?  I cleaned.  Since I spent Tuesday (my normal "at home" day) with my mom, I didn't get anything done here at home really.  I cleaned the bathroom, and the kitchen and cleaned out the fridge, and caught up some laundry.  I'm a wild woman when left home alone, to my own devices.

Thursday:  The Punk took Four to his art class, and I stayed home and helped the girls with school work.  I worked on the blog, and did some promotion (share, share, share my space!)  Two and I had the chance to feed our plant!  This was exciting for all of us.  We're goobers like that.

Today:  We have co-op this afternoon and the subject is Amphibians, Reptiles and Fish.  I'm leading and once again, I'm really looking forward to it.  This is an exciting subject for me! I hope the kids enjoy it, even half as much as me.

Random:  I found a triceratops horn on the coffee table this morning, there must have been an epic battle during the night.

Happy Kids, Inc

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