Sunday, April 21, 2013

Snapshot Sunday

This was an assignment from Read and Learn with Classic Stories.  The assignment read:  What do you think would happen if the three bears went to Goldilock's house?  Three said he thought they'd have pizza.  :)

Toss, read, and write.

Ingenuity!  He came up with this all on his own, he stuck the stick in there and made it so that he could give rides in the wagon.

A new batch of ducklings!!!

Firemen cooking us up something yummy in the kitchen at the children's museum.

I left to drop One off at art class, and came home to this:  (notice she's wearing her brother's shorts pulled up just to her knees, over pj pants)

Matching 3D shapes to cards.

Matching Lego's to cards I made.

Little boy  <3 p="">

A trip to the farmers market resulted in new flowers for the front pot (red ones picked by Three, purple and white picked out by Four,) and a venus flytrap they were so excited to get after learning about them at the museum on Wednesday!

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