Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sideways Saturday

Especially fitting, since I've been feeling very sideways as of late.

The Punk came back from his vacation with the boys, and this always makes my time more limited for awhile, but then I found myself feeling very disconnected from the world.  From my husband, from the kids, from my friends, from everything.

I'm trying to pull out of it, and am hopeful that I'm on the upswing.  The past couple years have been very rough for me (personally,) and I'm ready for this ride to end.

T-ball has started, and Three had practice last night and he has it today too.

Our weather has finally decided it can be spring, YAY!!

I have one of my dear friends back close to me, which provides me motivation to run more often (she's my running partner, and shall be referred to as The Boo--you know every one gets a nickname here, and I call her Boo in real life.)


I ran a 5K last Saturday-the Color Mania color run, and it was a BLAST!  For snapshot Sunday, I will throw in a picture or two from last weeks run.

I'm off to do some housework on this gorgeous spring day, so that I can enjoy a longer time at the park with the boys after t-ball.  :)  I know, you're all so Jelly of my glamorous life.

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