Monday, April 22, 2013

Manic Monday!

It's that time again...for a crazy Monday.  I got lunch and snacks for the kids for today all packed up yesterday, though, so that should make it much easier to get out the door (I realize I possibly just jinxed myself!)  I just have to pack stuff for myself!  The Punk took out a chicken last night, he will be on dinner duty as I will only be home a couple hours this afternoon before heading back out.  It's nice to not have to think about that!  Especially on a day when I leave the house at 9AM, return around 4PM, and head out again around 6PM.

I shared a link to a small printable pack on my Facebook page yesterday, and here is another great link for you all to use to celebrate Earth Day today!  We will do Earth Day stuff for the remainder of our week, with the exception of Friday (kindergarten co-op day, and we are studying animal classification.)  We won't get any "school" done today-Manic Monday is our "extra curricular activity" day.

Off to pack solid fuel for my day--including a post workout snack!  I far too often forget to pack something for AFTER my Zumba class and then I'm ravenous, blowing through my lunch at 11 AM and still having teh entire afternoon to get through, leaving me making poor snack choices.  Today I vow to be better.  We all should have a balanced breakfast (the link is for breakfast ideas for people whom are diabetic BUT I think the ideas are great, so I share anyway.)  Start your day off on the right foot.

Have a glorious Monday, y'all!

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