Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sideways Saturday

The girls and I were up and out the door early this morning (pre-6AM) to volunteer at Triangle Walk Like MADD.

Here are the three of us:

And my beautiful chicas:

MADD--Mother's Against Drunk Driving.  The girls and I helped set up (we put on tablecloths, and added balloons,) helped in the food tent, and the girls worked the kid's tent where there was nail polish, coloring, kids kits from Lowe's Home Improvement, and temporary tattoos.  I ended up leading an impromptu Zumba song to warm up walkers before they left for the walk/run.  It was the largest crowd I've ever led in front of since classes are normally under 15 people!  It was, however, fun to see that many people following along with me!  They seemed to be having fun, and there was one little bitty girl who had some serious moves and she was right out in front with me.  After the walk started, the DJ played some tunes and I got my groove on--because seriously, I do not miss an opportunity to dance.  The girls and I also got in a round of laser tag, and helped break down the event.  It was a good time for us, and helped out an excellent cause.  

Home now, and set up a Facebook page for this blog, feel free to "like" it:  

The Punk took the boys to the park, and I need to do some housework in their absence.  You know how it goes....
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