Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wordy Wednesday: Workboxes

I think almost everyone in the homeschool community  knows what workboxes are.  In case you are unfamiliar, here is the link:  Sue Patrick's Workbox System

I used this system before, when the girls were younger (until Three got big enough to crawl and continually drug the boxes down.)  I recently decided to give the system another shot with Three.  So far, it's gone really well.  I set up his boxes, and we work through them together.  Most of the time, I still have to sit with him-but that is sort of the nature of his current books, AND just his personality.  I'm working on it with him, but it's a process.  As are most things.

Some of the things in our boxes:

1. BOB Book.
2. Magic Treehouse book (I read these to him, and Four.)
3. Read and Learn Level Kindergarten
4. File Folder Game:  Math, and Phonics (so, two boxes)
5. Explode the Code workbook
6. A preschool reading workbook
7. Math worksheet
8. Craft
9. Handwriting work/Scissor work

Normally a workbox system will have 12 boxes, when we start 1st grade, we will jump up to a full 12 load.  Since it's mid-year, and we are just starting with the system, I have opted to do 9.  I vary the order of the work each day, so it isn't quite so repetitive.  He likes finishing one box and going to get the next.  Steps in the right direction.

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