Monday, March 31, 2014

Manic Monday

So, my day is shaping up to be pretty mundane.  And, not at all manic.  With one exception.  I have to take the smalls (Three and Four) with me to do a grocery trip.  If you've read anything here about me before now, you know I LOATHE this.  But, it's life.  ;)  The Punk returned to the workforce today, and truly I am grateful he has a job again, but also that he is out of the house.  I love him, and I like having him here...the problem is that I have almost zero motivation if he's here too.  I want to sit around with him.  It sounds silly, I suppose, but it's the truth.  However, if he weren't at work, I could leave the smalls here and go to the store without them.  My bigs (One and Two) are with Bio-Dad until Wednesday so I can't even bring them home and leave them with Sisters to do the trip alone.

Ok, I'm done whining about this.

I get to teach my class (that will be a blast, always is.  Sometimes I need to pinch myself that they pay me to do this!) Hit the store.  Then come home and do housework and school with the little ones.

Provided we all survive the grocery shopping trip.  ;)  I am going to try to let them help me, and my list is pretty short.  Keep your fingers crossed for us all.


As I left to teach my class, I realized that my purse was in The Punk's truck.  I couldn't make the trip to the store today, darn.  I will still have to go tomorrow.  I called The Bestie on the way to my class this morning, and mentioned this, and added that it wasn't horrific since I only really needed a head of cauliflower for tonight's dinner.  She told me that had an organic head of cauliflower that came in their weekly produce box, that they would not be using and her Husband could drop it off while I was in class.  He was going out to get doughnuts for the kids.  He left me a doughnut, too.  I have amazing friends.

Instead of the trip to the store, I completed a toy swap.  I had told the boys I would do it over the weekend, but I didn't get around to it.  They are happily playing with the "new" toys, and playing outside, and no school is getting done.  I'm ok with this.  If they start to fight, I'll do some lessons, if they continue to play nicely...there is always another day!  Most likely one filled with clouds and rain and cooler temps (current temp:  71, and sunny.)

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