Friday, March 22, 2013

Flashback Friday

What a week!  Monday we had pottery class.  Four was sick, so he stayed home.  It still amazes me how much less stressful a day is when I'm not the one in charge of him.  It might sound horrible to some of you, your mouths just fell open...but make no mistake, I adore that boy!  But the simple truth of the matter is he is just MORE of EVERYTHING.  And, it's exhausting.

Since we didn't have bowling league, The Bestie and I took the kids out to eat for lunch.  Here are (in order from left to right) Two, One, and The Bestie's One.  They are showing a picture of...some both my Three and The Bestie's Three.  Not pictured:  The Bestie's Two.  :)

After this, I got to spend the evening with The Bestie, sans kids.  One of my favorite activities.

Tuesday was generally uneventful.  Four was still sick, and even napped!  Two went to spend the night with The Bestie's kids.  Bought One some new spring sandals and she's a happy camper.

Wednesday-we skipped co-op because Four was feeling better, but I didn't want to push him.  Three had his art class.  He really does enjoy art, so I'm happy about pushing him a little to do it.  We did our sight word egg hunt, BIG HIT!

Thursday-Four's art class, some errands including picking up a desk that I found for free on a buy/sell/trade group (it's in really good shape and will work well for the chicas.)  One also had art class, and I needed to run more errands (dropping off attire for tomorrow's Mud Run!)  I also taught a Zumba class (it amazes me how much I heart Zumba.)  Two had her pizza party for basketball, to celebrate their undefeated season!  Woot.

Friday- I've spent the morning diagramming songs for class.  :)  Currently, I am calling out words for a sight word game the boys are playing.

Tomorrow is the Dirty Girl Mud Run!  I am super duper excited!  We have great costumes, polka dot shirts/tutus/multi-color striped knee high socks!  

Also, on slate for tomorrow:  egg dying.  

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