Friday, March 8, 2013

Flashback Friday

This week has FLOWN by.  I haven't blogged all week.  The Punk was out of town until Sunday, so having him back here with us has made the week just feel like it FLEW by.  I've slept in every day but one, which is so WIN.

Monday--Zumba, pottery class (almost...)

Tuesday--Nothing much.

Wednesday--Preschool co-op.  Three wants to quit his art class.  He wants to quit just about everything.  Typically, I just force him to stick it out.  I'm so tired of that though.  He hates bowling.  He hates all the sports we've tried.  He has agreed to play T-ball again this year, but I don't think he WANTS to.  I really thought he was enjoying art, but now he wants to quit that as well.  I asked if he'd like to take gymnastics, nope.  I asked if he'd like to start martial arts, nope.  Then--we had a breakthrough.  He said "If I take karate, will you STAY while I do it?"  Hmmm.  He never wants to do anything that I leave for.  I know he will outgrow this, I just sort of assumed it would happen around now (he is 6.)  I asked if he would still want to take art if I stayed with him, and he said yes.  So, he LIKES the class, as I thought-he just doesn't like that I LEAVE.  It seems unfair to ask his brother to sit and be quiet (super quiet, since there are other kids and the teacher trying to instruct them!) for 45 minutes so that I can just be in the same building with him.  I think next week, I am going to force him to go-and promise to stay just next door (at the bakery.)  I thought we had finally found his "thing" or at least the "thing" for right now.  Something he actually REALLY enjoyed doing.  I don't want to walk away from it, since I honestly don't see him being an athlete (I have one very athletic teenager, and one very artistic I feel like I sort of know what I'm looking at.  He strikes me as artistic-he likes art, he has talked about dancing-which I may look into in the fall.  Now, Four, I think will play every sport with gust-o like Two does.)

Thursday--Four had art class.  He really likes art, and I like that it's a calm activity that he is into.

Friday--Kindergarten co-op went SO super well!  For March we are covering plants.  Last week, we started carrot seeds (and read The Carrot Seed and listened to a very cute song!)  This week we drew and labeled the parts of the plant.  Three was really into it!  I'll post a picture on Sunday.  It's in the car, and it's cold and I don't want to go get it.  Yup, that lazy.  Sorry folks.

Tomorrow--I am spending all day getting first aid/cpr certification, which will aid me with teaching fitness classes.  I'm looking forward to it, but I'm a nerd like that.  I'm going to run after.  I must.  I have a 5K mud run in 2 weeks, a 5K color run in 4 weeks, and I'm doing a 5K at our VERY hilly zoo for my 37th birthday in 3 months.

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