Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday snapshots

A very sick boy, still snuggled in bed with his mama at nearly 9am.

Alphabet Soup beginning sound file folder game.

Team Runnin' Dirty ready to get their dirty on! (That's me 2nd from the right, and The Bestie to my right.)  I just noticed I managed to get between the two gingers.  Rock on.

Here is most of our team, post run.  We know how to do this, right??  Overheard as we walked out:  "Those are by far the dirtiest people we've seen."  WIN.

A close up of my face, all mud splashed.

Celebratory cocktails.

Dying Eggs.

Trying the shaving cream swirl I had read about on Pinterest.  I did it wrong, but it was a good lesson in how things don't always work out.

Finished projects (that funky striped one at the bottom is mine.)

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