Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wordy Wednesday

Oh, the plastic eggs.  I bought three sets yesterday (can you GUESS which one Three picked out??) First, I was thinking about this idea:  Mummy Musings and Mayhem color run.  I thought since we don't have a ton of multi-colored balls (like ball pit balls, if you have those, use those,)  Easter eggs would work well.  I can't wait to set this up for Four.  He's known his colors for a LONG time, but this will still be fun for him.  I'm also sure that Three will want to play with him.  That's just how things work in my house.

Then, I saw this great post:  Teach Beside Me: Spelling Sight Word Egg Hunt  This really got my juices flowing!!  So many possibilities with the eggs.  We've probably all seen the Pinterest posts about putting an uppercase letter on one half of the egg, and a lowercase letter on the lower half and then having the kids match them up (I'll probably do that too...since even though he is reading, matching games are still big fun for Three.)  Teach Beside Me mentions put some math equations in hers too, and I love that idea as well!  For Four, I'll probably do just numbers and have him put them in order.  

Three is really interested in just having multiple Easter egg hunts.  He just asked "Before we do our school Easter egg hunt, can we just do a regular one?"  Sure thing!  We were scheduled to attend an Easter party today after his art class, but with Four being sick this week, we're going to skip it.  So, I asked The Bestie if she'd bring her kids over on Tuesday and we can do an egg hunt for all of them (7 total) in my yard.   That's a blast in the making! 

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