Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lazy Housewife-Share the wealth.

Tip of the day:  Make your kids help around the house.  Why do we martyr ourselves into thinking WE need to do all the work ourselves?  Did we make all the mess ourselves?

Great advice given to me once by my mother-in-law when I was explaining my need to "do it all:"

I explained that I see myself as the CEO of our family, I'm the one in charge of making sure everything stays on track and things get done in the manner in which they should and on time.  She (the mother of five herself) then told me CEO's don't do it ALL, they know how to assign people to get the right tasks done-delegate.  You are still in charge of making sure it gets done, and on time, and done properly, yes.  But that doesn't mean YOU do it all.

I really and truly had never thought about my position in that light.  It was freeing.  I don't HAVE to do it all.  My girls are older, teens (nearly teens when this advice was given,) and are capable of doing MUCH around the house.  My eldest child complains and acts as if I ask her to scrub the kitchen tile on her hands and knees with a scrub brush daily (Did you just imagine Cinderella in your head??  Because that's what I was going for there.)  It's really not that bad.  Daily chores for my girls include things like putting away their own laundry and cleaning their room (gasp!)  Unloading the dishwasher.  Sweeping the kitchen.  Twice a week they mop it (with a Swiffer, you've seen the commercials--this is not HARD!)  Twice a week they vacuum.  Once a week someone is scheduled to help me cook meals.  This NEVER EVER EVER happens!! I need to get better at not letting them slack off on this one, they do need to know how to cook more than grilled cheese, quesadillas, mac and cheese, and frozen pizza and nuggets.  I'm sure of it.  Once a week they vacuum their room, and their brother's room as well as help me sort the toy bins out and put them back in order.  Those chores are broken down over 4 days and split between two people.

Three also has his own chore list for each day (Tuesday-Friday) that includes taking out recycling, bathroom trash (the bag is more manageable,) dusting, helping with the dishwasher, straightening the shoe rack, and cleaning windows.

On Monday's (which are insane) and weekends, they are only required to do what is asked of them-which usually only involves their own rooms and/or laundry.

Tragic lives they lead, are they not??

Now, I'm not saying be lazy and lie around all day eating doughnut holes and watching trashy TV and playing on Facebook (coincidentally what my eldest child will tell anyone that listens that I myself DO everyday.)  I am saying take the pressure off yourself.  You gave birth to these people, and you spent a good portion of their lives taking 100% care of them.  It's time for a kickback.  ;)

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