Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday snapshots.

This was from the week of the 3rd, but when I was publishing this weeks Sunday Snapshots, I saw it said "retry publishing" and indicated that it did not in fact publish on the day I intended.  Ooops.  Happens sometimes from my phone, I know now, and I'll be sure to check it.

Three made a flower out of his lunch.

Heheheh...blueberry mouth!

Here was our book we read, and our ballots for animal that you would like to have if you were president.

Three found a leaf frozen into a sheet of ice, he was excited.

Co-op Carrots!

Our local ice cream shop opened up:  Sour apple yummilicious.

He was being the Statue of Liberty near the flag pole at Two's basketball tournament game.

Unofficial airport greeters.

Trying to be patient.."When is Daddy's plane getting here???"

Kids Museum...Four LOVES LOVES LOVES dino's.

Building something in the workshop (kids museum.)  Good thing he has on the protective eye mask!


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