Friday, March 29, 2013

Flashback Friday!

This week has flown by.  I can't believe it's already Friday.  Wowsers.

Monday-typically manic.  Three was heartbroken that he still felt too bad to have his friend come sleep over.  And even though he was insistent that he felt good enough (I over-ruled him) he took a nearly 3 hour nap, AND by 5pm was just lying around in a lump of whiny.  So, I know I made a good call.  He will have a sleep over soon after he returns home from vacation.

Tuesday-We (all of us but Two, who was having an odd stomach issue) went to tour the Duke Lemur Center.  The girls and I had all been there before, the girls twice and myself three times (I got to go once as a college student.)  I was so excited to take my boys and The Punk.  A good time was had by all.  Even myself, who spent much of my time wrestling Four into submission.  He is so borderline out of control that reading two parenting books while they are away is on my "to do" list!  SMH

Wednesday-I packed up my boys and just after lunch they left.  The original plan was to have Three attend his art class first, but he was so overcome with the excitement of the trip that we decided it would be fine to let him skip it.  We are trying to get him in the groove of art, and I thought it would be better for him to go (they wouldn't have class next week anyway) but what do I know??  Plans change.  We roll with it.

Thursday-I spent the bulk of the day cleaning my room.  REALLY cleaning it.  I moved the mattress and box springs (with the help of The Boy-my eldest nephew, he's 24 and not really a boy, but that is what my parents call him.)  Vacuumed under the bed, under the dresser and night stands, the entertainment center, two lamps and the blinds.  Yeah...a lot of vacuuming was happening and I'm pretty sure I sucked up TWO additional dogs in the process.  Sheesh, the amount of dog hair in my bedroom is insane.  I also washed the bedskirt, and comforter and shams and changed the sheets on my bed as well as washed the dogs bed.  I was so tired last night, but my room left me feeling so at peace!  The only task left in this room is to straighten up my bookshelf and empty a desk that only serves as a catch all (and The Punk and I have already discussed getting rid of it, so I just need to empty it so we can have someone who will use it come pick it up!)  I collected a pile of stuff to post in the Post before Pitching group (you should see if your area has one of these groups.)  It's kind of like freecycle, but on FB which is just easier for me.  You can post pics of things you just are done with, but that aren't really worthy of being sold and people can speak up and set up a time to get them from you.  Others get things they need, I get rid of stuff we don't need.  Win-Win.

Friday-On tap for today, I plan on finishing the bookshelf in my room and then moving on to the living room. I also need to spend at least an hour in the attic, as that is my BIG organizing project for the week.  For my spring cleaning, I pinned several things to the "Cleaning and Organizing Board" over on Pinterest.  I pinned 4 spring cleaning lists, and I'm checking things off of those as my guide.

Off to clean, and organize and give myself internal peace that only comes with having boys gone for a week! It's ok, internal peace-at least this kind, that comes from having a REALLY clean house-is overrated.  *wink*
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